Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg

Emma, If your column was a food it would be donuts. In other words, my favorite thing.
Hmm... songs I like despite my feminism? Gold Digger.
:) Buffy


in fairness, nas is also the author of "pussy kills" and "remember the times". so even if he *has* become a family man now (debatable), let's not get carried away.

gynophobia is general throughout hip-hop, but it's not all equivalent. to give the game or kanye west credit for anything but the worst sort of misogyny is bonkers, since "wouldn't get far" is easily the meanest song i've heard on hit radio this decade. he is insulting *specific girls* in heavy rotation -- girls with no means to strike back at him. this is a new innovation in woman-hating, and a hell of a lot worse than rapping about your macking ability in order to satisfy a genre requirement. that it is arguably a hot track doesn't make it any better. it's not *that* hot.

i love hip-hop, but this song is too much, even for me.

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